A.L.F.A.P. - Apprendre Le Français? Avec Plaisir !

Learn French with pleasure





Président : Marion

Treasurer : Janet

Accountant : Yamina

Manager : Christel

Teachers : Christel and Kinga




Our permanent teachers, who have degrees and are specialized in teaching and learning French as a foreign language, are very closely involved in the reflections and innovations in the field of FLE.




This association was created by Mr and Mrs COLINOT in 2003; thanks to Heide, Aurélien, Marjorie, Nicolas and Claudia's help. They still are with us for any help.....

And thanks for the teachers:  Florence, Bénédicte, Claire, Célia, Stéphanie, Marie, Eva, Odile et Christiane joined ALFAP for several years....



- Learners are also members of ALFAP association, and they take actively part in the association life....

- They come from: China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Syria, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, UK, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Australia.....

- Some of them are in France for several months or several years, and some others stay in France for ever. They all want to learn and improve their knowledege of French and also discover our lifestyle, culture or history .

They want to learn French language, with pleasure !


  • Association teaching French as a foreign language
  • 1901 Law, declared the 17th of June 2003
  • N°SIRET: 47901841800026

declaration of activity registered under n°11 91 0631291 by the Regional Direction for Employment and Professional Training of Ile de France.


Adresse :


mairie de Bures sur Yvette

45 rue Charles de Gaulle

91440 Bures sur Yvette


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